Was looking around for some information on my old stomping grounds (FCI El Reno) and found this site. Just wanted to check in and maybe get some
help. I retired from El Reno in 2005 and although I loved my 29 years there as a correctional officer and case manager I have never been back. Left a lot of good people and friends.

Maybe some correctional officers, counselors or case managers could help me with some updated information since I retired.

My son is getting married in March to a very special lady, but a lady that has a shi*head brother that happens to be incarcerated in FCI Florence.
He is constantly asking, begging and conniving his mother for money. The story sounds so familiar. Being a former BOP employee I have tried to
convey to my future daughter-in-law that her mother is just enabling a very bad situation. Her brother plays on the mother's sympathy, telling her
his life will be in danger if he doesn't get money immediately.

How much can an inmate spend on commissary weekly or monthly these days? Are there still ways to monitor what and who he sends his money to?
I'm sure there is, but I'm trying to convey to the mother that her hard earned money is most likely going to inmate families to pay for his drug purchases or
for protection money. It's been 12 years since I left, but was it a form 40 that inmates filled out to send money to?