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Tiny rascal gang

  1. stag
    We have been seeing more of these guys coming into our facility. Anybody got any intel on this Asian/American gang?
  2. HapkidoKa
    Sorry most of the Asians here join African American gangs like the Black Stones and GD's.
  3. matt49256
    The "Tiny Rascal Gang", or "Tiny Rascals Gang" (TRG), is the largest Asian-American street gang in the United States. Tiny Rascal Gang is a predominantly Cambodian gang with two major centers of operation based in Long Beach, CA and Lowell, MA. It is also active in almost every other state of the United States as well as many other countries in Asia. The gang's name is commonly abbreviated as TRG and is composed of Rascals. Although the gang was made by Cambodian people, the gang now includes many other Asian nationalities and, although rarely, African-American and Caucasian members. The age of a TRG member can range from 8 to 50.
  4. matt49256
    Though the gang is mostly made up of men, girls join the gang as well, they are collectively known as the Lady Rascal Gang. The gang originated among Cambodian refugees living in Long Beach but it has since spread to other parts of North America. Another huge part of TRG, is in Philadelphia, Northern VA, Dallas and Lowell, a small city north of Boston. It emerged in the 1980s after a massive wave of Cambodian refugees entered the United States fleeing Cambodia's violent civil war
  5. matt49256
    Gang markings

    Old East Dallas CrazyBrotherClan shot one of there members of The TRG GANG TRG members have tattoos on most of their upper body, including the arms and face, with lettering done in Old English style. The "TRG" or "Rascal" are always tattooed on them. (This has resulted in the arrest and detention of many juveniles for illicit association based entirely on the fact that they are wearing tattoos associated with gang membership.) Other tattoos include three dots on the left hand (between index and thumb). A shaved head with a "rascal tail" in the back of the head is also popular
  6. matt49256
    Colors claimed are grey. Some cities have members wear blue, taken from the Crips, who they were closely aligned with in their early years. (Currently their main rival is an Asian faction of the Crips know as Asian Boyz).The younger members usually follow a loose dress code. heir pants are not sagged but are baggy and usually grey. The main brand is "Dickies". Grey bandanas are visible somewhere on their dress.


    One of the ways in which the TRG has grown and spread has been through United States deportation policy. The United States has a law allowing for the deportation of non-citizens convicted of felonies to their country of origin. Cambodian members of TRG were and are deported to Cambodia, where they recruit more members. Many deportees have lived in America since 2 years old and have only know life in America.
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