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TDCJ Locations

This is a discussion on TDCJ Locations within the General Corrections forums, part of the Philosophy of Custody & Corrections category; Ive been keeping in touch with one of the staff for the TDCJ and Im looking more towards moving to ...

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    TDCJ Locations

    Ive been keeping in touch with one of the staff for the TDCJ and Im looking more towards moving to the Palestine area. The two prisons they say are local are Tennessee Colony which is about 20 miles out and Powledge Unit which is well very close by. Ive tried to find information on the prisons, ie: total inmate count type of facility it is etc and Im only getting some inmate visitation site or something to that effect. Family of inmates talking about how ill treated their lovedones are for being in prison. Funny how that works. Im wondering based on knowledge by former and current employees of the TDCJ which is a good choice as a first pick and where I can get info on the prisons. I can usually find this stuff pretty fast but seems Im looking in the wrong places.


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    Re: TDCJ Locations

    Powledge Unit is a medium size unit that houses G1-G4, has special wheelchair assessable beds and is a medical unit. Total population about 1100. Gurney Unit is a transfer facility that houses G1-G3 and has a total population of about 2120. Inmates do not stay on gurney more than two years before being sent to another unit. Beto Unit is a Max unit that houses about 3460 inmates G1-G5 and AD-SEG. There will be a lot more action on this unit{ie more use of force} than on the other two.

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    Re: TDCJ Locations

    Okay I found some information on them um what is a "Trusty Camp"?

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    Re: TDCJ Locations

    Try Texas Department of Criminal Justice
    They have all the units listed there. If you click on the name it links to a list of stats for that unit. Probably a little more accurate than what you found.

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    Re: TDCJ Locations

    Aren't Coffield & Michael in the Palestine area too?

    Here ar a couple of good places to find out what you're looking for.

    The Backgate Website - A Texas Prison and Criminal justice based news and information source

    Texas Justice Dot Org Message Board
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    Re: TDCJ Locations

    Thank you for all the information



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