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Inmate Slang

This is a discussion on Inmate Slang within the General Corrections forums, part of the Philosophy of Custody & Corrections category; "65" meaning that an Ofc is in the area. "car" a bar of soap or something with some weight, to ...

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    Re: Inmate Slang

    "65" meaning that an Ofc is in the area.

    "car" a bar of soap or something with some weight, to tie to the end of a fishing line to send contraband up and down the range.

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    Re: Inmate Slang

    Car is also wased by white inmates as "what gange"
    I hear 55s alot but not sure what they mean

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    Re: Inmate Slang

    ya dunno: Not sure but really annoying

    Keepin Six: Refers to someone on watch for C.O's. I think it comes from your 12 O'clock is in front of you (clock face) so your six is directly behind you. When your keepin six your watching someones back

    RAT: Snitch

    45: refers to the calibre of gun they carry. usually yelled out

    The Hole: Segregation

    Hoop: Inserting stuff into one anus to hide

    1 2: Is a shout out. Not sure why but annoying as hell

    Goof: jail term for child moletser. Worst name you can call someone in jail. Its an automatic fight. Originated long time ago

    Deuce less: means two years less a day. That means you will do time in a Provincial jail instead of a a federal jail.

    Shank: Weapon. usually used as a knife

    Bang: To beat up. Smash is same definition

    Kite: Note passed between inmates

    Key Up: Wants to talk to Officer or needs something from an officer

    Muscling: taking other items either through intimidation or force

    Beef: An issue between two people or groups

    Bug: Inmate with mental issues. Or someone who constantly asking for stuff.

    Bug Juice: Psychiatric meds

    Free Up: To be let out of your cell

    Dooky: Another form of cuz or bro

    Brew: Homemade alcohol

    Punch: Made from chocolate bars, millk or soya milk, peanuts and other canteen items. Ingredients mixed in a garbage bag

    Spliff: Weed or a joint

    Count: Size of the amount of drugs you received through a purchase

    Wha gwon: Short form of Whats going on

    Six Up: Officer in area

    On the block: Officer onto unit

    Big Six: Captain or Lieutenant

    3 way: Phone call to someone through another person

    On the blizzy: On the unit

    Wick: Rolled up toilet paper. Burned slow so is used to light cigarettes and stuff during the day

    Hail Up: Give props. say hi

    G: Gangster
    GT: Gangster Thug or General Thug

    Link: To get in touch with

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    Re: Inmate Slang

    auga is what they call when a co enters the pod

    the rest have been listed
    ps been seeing a rising number of ms 13 in new mexico

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    Talking Re: Inmate Slang

    Quote Originally Posted by LTABM View Post
    Robo-cop - One hard a$$ officers.

    LMAO!!! We had a CO......I won't mention his name.......but he always looked like crap......and the inmates called him HOBO-COP!!!!

    I don't care who you are THAT'S funny!!!

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    Re: Inmate Slang

    Roll'n` - Usually preceded by bottom or top walk. Used in the seg unit to warn others the co is walking around and where.

    Keep'n bus- a paid look out to warn the guys tattooing that the co's are coming into the unit.

    Jigging- see above

    Runnin' wild- more than one sentence serving back to back. ie " I got two 5's runnin' wild."

    Stickers- stamps

    Rolls- cigarettes

    Safety deposit box- an old way of referring to keestering.

    OG- means old guy/ old gangsta. Guy thats been down for a long time.

    Youngster- young kid in the system for the first time.

    Recess- yard time.

    Car jacked- what they call it when I take their Cadillac.

    Booted- what I call it when I tie off their Cadillac to something for my own personal entertainment.:lmao:

    Super cop- what they call me when they think I'm being too hard.

    Free case- what they call it when they get locked up and don't think they did anything wrong.

    ticket- a conduct violation

    Runner- lower level gang member usually used to move information between upper level members on the yard.

    Door warrior- guys who stand on their door all day and talk a lot of crap.

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    Re: Inmate Slang

    Once while working I was in dire need of a haircut.

    Every time I left the unit and came back in I heard faintly..."Cop with a mop!" and "CO with a fro!"

    If it hasn't been mentioned...Chips=money

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    Re: Inmate Slang

    Door Warrior/Door Gangster/Cell Warrior - An inmate that yells and sounds big and bad behind a cell door when you pull him out he is a lamb.

    5 0 !!! Police are coming, it is a shout out.

    PO PO - See above

    Shot - Enough coffee to make a cup

    Peice - knife

    Wine - Prison made intoxicants

    C O - Correctional Officer

    Punk/Sissy - Homosexual

    Free World - Outside prison

    Catch a case - To receive an incident report or a fresh court case

    Sagging - Wearing pants half way down the buttocks (Homosexual Advertisement?)

    Store - institutional Commissary

    Skinned up - In a situation that you can't get out of. Or be on the losing end of a situation "Yeah, JJ got into it with a CO and got skinned up"

    Cadillac - Dust pan and broom

    Flick - Pictures

    Merry Go Round - Papers to be signed prior to release/clearing institutional areas prior to release

    Break Weak - To give up

    Hole/Bucket/Dungeon/SHU/Vacation/Lay down - Segregation Unit - Lock down

    13 1/2 - Judge, Jurors and a half @$$ed chance

    Julip - See Hooch

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    Re: Inmate Slang

    Quote Originally Posted by LTABM View Post
    Pruno and older term than hooch.
    Robo-cop - One hard a$$ officers.
    Pacas - An inmate from Pacoima, CA
    OMG too funny. That was my nickname at Bryan and Forrest City. I don't here too much at Ray Brook. All this time I thought they were insulting me not complimenting me. roflmao I have a characterture (msp) drawing from an old LT with robocop plastered on it. Ohhhh this is great thanks for the smile you just put on my face.

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    Re: Inmate Slang

    Here in the UK we sometimes get called "Kanga's" which is short for "Kangaroo" which rhymes with "Screw". You'll always here one of them shout it.


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